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Bridget Callaghan & Connor Boyle — Minted

Bridget Callaghan


Connor Boyle

Wedding Party

Wedding Party Attire


The Bridesmaids will exude a stunning array of colors, from the rich hues of rust, terracotta, to the warm tones of burnt orange. Their vibrant ensembles will complement the overall aesthetic of the celebration flawlessly.

As for the Groomsmen, they will be dressed handsomely in sleek navy suits, projecting an air of timeless elegance that perfectly complements the wedding theme.

Kristie Pitts

Maid of Honor

As the sister to the bride, Kristie has shared a profound closeness with Bridget throughout their lives. Fate seemed to conspire in their favor, as they have predominantly resided within walking distance of each other, fostering an unbreakable sisterly bond that has flourished over time.

Sarah Dennison


Bridget and Sarah's friendship was forged in St. Catharines, where they both attended Brock University over a decade ago. Sarah had emerged victorious in the battle for friendship, forming a bond that has only grown stronger with each passing year.

Kelly Collins


Bridget and Kelly met in Grade 10 History class and instantly clicked as friends. Over the years, their friendship has stood strong through all the twists and turns, demonstrating their unwavering connection and resilience in the face of life's challenges.

Devon Copping


Bridget and Devon's paths first crossed in St. Catharines, thanks to mutual friends, over a decade ago. As fate would have it, Devon's attendance at Ryerson University resulted in numerous journeys to Toronto, deepening their connection and creating countless cherished memories along the way.

Elyssa DiRosa


Bridget and Elyssa first crossed paths at the age of 5 while watching their relatives' swimming lessons. Serendipitously, shortly after, Elyssa's family moved in across the street from Bridget's, solidifying their friendship and laying the foundation for a lifelong connection.

Jenna Toppan

Best Man

Connor and Jenna's journey began in Grade 2. However, it was during their high school years that their bond deepened, cementing a friendship. From early beginnings to shared teenage adventures, their connection has stood the test of time.

James Burtcher


Connor and James became friends in Grade 3, and their bond grew stronger over time. They shared many experiences together, including a memorable family trip to Mexico. They have remained close friends ever since.

Josh Mazuera


Connor and Josh's friendship began back in grade 7. Their shared love for gaming has solidified a special bond, spending endless nights engrossed in adventures. Their camaraderie exemplifies the enduring strength of friendship rooted in shared interests and experiences.

Brendan Roesler


Connor and Brendan's friendship began at the age of 13 when they crossed paths on the lacrosse field. Their connection grew even stronger as they became roommates during their time at Brock University, and their bond has continued to thrive ever since.

Jamie Duncan


Bridget and Connor met Jamie at Brock University, and since then, they have remained great friends. Bridget and Jamie were roommates in both St. Catharines and Toronto, solidifying their bond and creating lasting memories.